Friday, 27 May 2011

Kieran I see Daniel Kitson

For Kieran I want Mr Cobb asked me to place a bet on Swansea making it to the premiership and come to see Daniel Kitson with him. Foolishly I never went to the bookies to place the bet and so never made any money on their promotion but thankfully I did take him up on the offer of seeing the comedian Daniel Kitson.

We saw Daniel Kitson at Aberystwyth years and years ago when Tuesday night at the union started with a comedy night – up and coming acts took the long journey to the seaside to play to a student crowd – we paid a pound to watch them so who knows if they ever got paid, but we got to see some great acts in their infancy on the circuit – I remember Jimmy Carr, Reginald D Hunter and others but Daniel Kitson stands out above all. I seem to remember him telling us at the end of his stint to all go away and listen to Belle and Sebastian – how can you not love a comedian who also imparts musical wisdom to you as well.

Subsequently I have seen him a good few times, his shows sell out quickly so when his latest tour was announced – ‘The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church’ and sold out in Bristol, Jim, Colin and I went down to Newbury to see him perform.

It’s a story of Daniel Kitson’s investigations into the fate of Gregory Church. Having stumbled upon 30,000 letters including a suicide note discovered in Church’s attic, he unravels the story of this middle aged man and it’s unbelievably brilliant.

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