Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kieran I want you to take me to Liverpool

My ipod has 8071 songs it can choose from when on random shuffle. 8071 songs that it could have chosen from, but when I stepped off the train at Liverpool it happened to pick a Beatles number and so started a jaunt up to Liverpool with Mum.

Dear Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I Want to Tell You the trip to Liverpool was a Good Day Sunshine, With a Little Help from My Friends, Mum and I got some great recommendations. A Day in the Life of our trip included visiting amazing churches seeing Lady Madonna and child Etcetera and seeing all kinds of street sculpture including saying Hello Little Girl to Eleanor Rigby. There are plenty of galleries but sometimes It's All Too Much as some of the artwork is Junk done by Madmen. However the idea of a silent disco in the Tate where people can dance All Together Now was very amusing.

One highlight was a Day Tripper; we got a Ticket to Ride on a train to Cosby beach to see the Anthony Gormley sculptures. But the Two of Us shouted Help! when the Rain started to lash down Here, There and Everywhere. In My Life I’ve never seen the rain Come Together with such high tides. We really needed a Yellow Submarine but instead huddled under cover then took The Long and Winding Road along the Long, Long, Long beach; the weather was Getting Better until we were pleased to note; Here Comes the Sun. The further along the beach we went the more bits of Another Place we saw until finally we could see a full sculpture looking out to sea like a Nowhere Man looking out Across the Universe. After a drying off and a cup of tea we thought it would be a good idea to and Follow the Sun and Get Back into town. That evening we managed to get into the Cavern for a Good Night, where people shout Hey Jude to celebrate some band called the Beatles, I know I almost joined Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band so who knows What Goes On after dark Because after A Hard Day's Night it was time to say Good Night ready for another Good Morning Good Morning.

I'm In Love with Liverpool, it gets All My Loving as Every Little Thing was a Revolution it was Something like being on a Helter Skelter or a Magical Mystery Tour. The people are very friendly so If You've Got Trouble or need to shake Yer Blues away I can strongly recommend the ‘pool. Any Time at All it’s the sort of place where All You Need is Love and you feel as Free as a Bird like you are Flying better than Memphis, Tennessee or being Back in the U.S.S.R.

Mum and I had a fantastic time so Oh! Darling I promise It Won't Be Long before I'll Be Back for sure I can’t Wait and will definitely return When I'm Sixty-Four. It’s a shame there aren’t Eight Days a Week and then perhaps we could have seen Penny Lane but Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da there is so much to see and do so I Will try and Get Back soon.

When I get home I will remember The Night Before anytime I look From a Window at Mr Moonlight or spend time Watching Rainbows, or when I’m Down, I know There’s a Place, That Means a Lot. All I’ve Got to Do is close my eyes and I Feel Fine remembering those Strawberry Fields Forever just like it was Yesterday.

So Let It Be said from Me to You, your Paperback Writer this it The End for now but The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill is always on the Tip of My Tongue

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