Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I Will For Wales

Your cardifference show presenter (Kieran McCann) has signed up to Keep Wales Tidy’s ‘I Will For Wales’ campaign because he believes everyone should do their bit to look after their local environment.

On last weeks show we had Sarah Philpott, Communications and Campaigns Officer for Keep Wales Tidy (KWT) on the show talking about KWT and the I Will for Wales pledges.

The mission of KWT is to encourage local action to protect and enhance the environment of Wales. They will engage in activities that encourage individuals, groups and organizations to act in a way that achieves a Clean, Safe and Tidy Wales.

The ‘I Will For Wales’ campaign asks people to make a 2011 resolution online at
You can pick one out of ten simple pledges relating to rubbish or create your own.

The pledges are everything from simple changes to your everyday life to active involvement. There is something for everyone to sign up for including using a bag for life, disposing of cigarette butts and chewing gum responsibly, being a responsible pet owner by clearing up your dogs mess, to becoming a litter champion or joining a KWT volunteer group.

cardifference presenter Kieran McCann signing up
for the I Will for Wales campaign

I would encourage everyone to sign up. We have signed up because we strongly support Keep Wales Tidy’s belief that small changes in our daily lives can make a huge difference to our communities. Keep Wales Tidy is asking people to make small changes to their lifestyles that will make huge differences to their local communities.

On the show one of the suggestions that came out was that students could make a pledge to sign up for Tidy Text. Tidy Text is a free texting service just launched in Cardiff. This easy to use service sends text messages to remind you when your recycling bags and waste are being collected.

Students are being encouraged to make full use of this service to help them understand their waste and recycling responsibilities. Sign up is free when you subscribe online at 

Alternatively, you can register by texting ‘Tidy' with your house number and postcode to 60066.

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