Friday, 17 December 2010

Tonight on cardifference

There’s no business like snow business and its snow joke the conditions we are faced with this morning but the cardifference snow – I mean show, must go on.

Last week we were chatting about how to have Christmas on a budget and safety concerns around this time of year, we intend to follow up on those ideas with some games and traditions around this time but the theme for tonight’s show is about how to have a selfless Christmas. Christmas is often associated with consumption and retail but it’s not all about buy buy buying. We are chatting with two charities whose work and worries around this time of year for the vulnerable members they represent increases.

On the show we have Iwan Roberts from Age Cyrmu the largest charity working for elderly people who estimate that one in ten older people in Wales will be left alone this Christmas. The charity is encouraging people to invite someone due to spend Christmas alone to share in your Christmas celebrations.

Eugene Rourke works directly with the Big Issue vendors around Cardiff and tonight he will be talking with us about some of the common misconceptions surrounding Big Issue vendors and the difficulties the homeless face not only during the winter months but also throughout the year.

Please get in touch with the show at if you have any questions for our guests or have some unusual Christmas traditions, games or ways that you have a selfless Christmas that you would like to share.

Be sure to tune into between 4-5pm tonight (Friday 17th December)

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