Thursday, 2 December 2010

Rose Savage, Welfare, Campaigns and Communication Officer

Rose Savage is your Welfare, Campaigns and Communication Officer based on the 3rd Floor of the Students Union. She represents you to help create democratic, sustainable and informed welfare services, campaign initiatives and communication systems, by liaising with students, the wider community and stakeholders.
Her door is always open to suggestions. Rose took time out of her schedule to come and talk to cardifference about her work delivering Union services for you. Listen to the interview by clicking on the podcast buttons on the right. Her manifesto proposals are listed below as well as an article that Rose wrote on behalf of Unity news where the universities and student unions of Cardiff can engage the community.
Rose can be contacted via the Union at 029 20781422 or via
·        CLEAN UP CATHAYS. – by consulting, supporting and managing clean up and educational initiatives effectively, Cardiff students, the community and the Council can work to make Cathays a cleaner place to live.
·        STUDENT ACCOMODATION   - variance in quality and suitability needs to be addressed to achieve acceptable standards of living for all students.
·        STUDENT SAFETYproviding advice to maintain personal safety on nights out and within your Student Accommodation.
·        STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH- promote the importance of the Union’s Counselling Service and Nightline need to be highlighted as areas of trained professional support mechanisms for Students.
·        COMPUTERS IN THE UNION a space where there is multiple computers in the union for academic work or just for a Facebook check!
·        INVOLVMENT OF ALL HALLS – To ensure that all Halls are included in University life by the provision of Information Points.
·         HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WEEK a week of tailored information and activities targeting healthy lifestyles on a budget. (Sexual, mental, emotional and physical health) – Also continuing and developing the G.P and GUM Clinic initiatives underway – I want happy healthy students
Getting to know you…
I am Rose Savage, Welfare, Campaigns and Communication Officer at Cardiff Students Union, a bit of a mouthful I know. Cardiff Students Union is placed in a central location making the Union a focal point for many students. Our motto is "Students First" which we adhere to completely. We listen to both students and the community to deliver a service that compliments both, offering important services that manage the difficulties of adjusting to student life and entering into the wider social world.  

I am pleased to say that the start of term has got off to a great start, building student bonds with the community. This can be displayed in our collaborative venture with South Wales Police in October, where I and volunteer students, alongside Cardiff Council, cardiffdigs and University workers, introduced the Union to residents in Cathays, where we received great support and appreciation for what we were doing. We offered safety and community advice to both residents and students which we hope will develop the relationship Cardiff SU has with the community.

 We have also held a Bric a Brac sale in the Union will was extremely well received, highlighting the fact that second hand items are cheaper and of great quality, reducing the waste impact of students here in Cardiff.

I outlined in my manifesto the importance of community relations and also the importance of living in a clean and tidy space, therefore I look forward to expanding and delivering on these promises, in terms of educating students of their waste responsibilities, sound impact and the importance of recycling.

Another target of mine is to increase the awareness and support for students who encounter Mental Health issues during their attendance at University, as in the current economic climate I can only predict that this will increase as a result of tightening purse strings and graduate job prospects. By offering a solid support mechanism, we can increase the volume of students who leave university positive, fresh and raring to enter the job market and general life opportunities.

I look forward to meeting as many students and community residents during my time here at Cardiff SU. Building solid relationships between the two is vital to ensuring sustainable communities here in Cardiff.

Rose Savage.

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