Thursday, 24 February 2011

Back on Air

We are pleased to announce The Union Show - ‘Cardifference’ is back on air tomorrow (Friday 24th) 12-1 at

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On the show (Friday 24th 12-1) we will be talking Go Global, the Union’s annual festival of culture and diversity. Find out about events happening across the weekend here

And chatting with Sarah from Keep Wales Tiday about their new campaign ‘I Will’ that aims to help people care for their local environment and improve the look and feel of our communities.

We will also be launching a new feature 'Student Bucket List' so tune in for more details.

So what’s the show all about?

Cardifference hosted by Kieran McCann and Louisa Cavell

Make the most out of your time in Cardiff inside and out of the student bubble

Help and Advice throughout student life

Add to a cleaner, greener, safer, healthier and more optimistic city and lifestyle

Put the Unity in Community

Live More Spend Less

Our Philosophy:

Only the Boring Get Bored

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